Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some More Pictures!

Gotta' see the new furniture!

What a week this has been! We worked Monday - glad to see those that managed to come up that day.

Since I last checked in we have gotten 3 trucks in

1. Furniture

2. Home Deco & regular goods

3. Tool truck

Tomorrow, (Friday) we will have another furniture truck and Monday we will have a truck with lots of different stuff on it.

Don't forget to mark it on your calender - June 14th! That is the day of our auction. We have parterned up with Mooringsport Baptist Church to do an Auction that will benefit their Youth Summer Mission Program. They call it RAM Week - Reaching Across Mooringsport. They target some folks in their own home town that have some needs and try to meet those needs. These youth have been doing this for their community for the past 5 years and they have some great projects they really want to get done this summer during that mission week. So try to come out and help us with this project and get some great stuff while you are at it. The following are some of the items that will be auctioned off on the 14th.

  • A Hot Tub with a retail value of $5900

  • Jewelry from Bailey's Jewelry

  • Generators

  • Collector Pocket Knifes

  • Dresser /Mirror Combo

  • Holland Grills

  • Tools! Tools! & Tools!

  • 21pc Socket Sets

  • Air Hoses

  • Air Hose Reels

  • Creepers

  • Ratchet tie downs

  • Sofa & Love Seat Sets

  • Misc. Furniture

  • Misc. Home Decor

  • Pair of tickets to the LSU/Tulane Game @ Tiger Stadium!!

...and the list goes on & on...

There will also be a concession stand here that will be very effeciantly operated by the good folks at Mooringsport Baptist Church so no one will go away hungry or thirsty - - sooooooooooooooooo all in all it sounds like a good time for all - the youth will make some money for their project, we will sell a few things and hopefully you will find some things that you just can't live without. Hope to see you then. I am attaching some pictures of some items that I found eye catching...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Open on Monday!

Just a friendly reminder - - - WE WILL BE OPEN ON MONDAY THE 26TH!!
Come spend your holiday with us!
I will have another posting today - I am trying to get some pictures together...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Inventory Liquidation Auction

Saturday, June 14th - Set that day aside to spend with us!
We are going to have the first auction at General Wholesale on that day.
This auction is going to benefit the First Baptist Church of Mooringsport.
We did this auction with them last year, but we didn't do it here.
We are really looking forward to putting on this Auction and moving alot of
merchandise. The following are some of the things you will see cross the
auction block that day:


As it gets closer to the day of the auction, I will keep you updated, so...
Don't forget! Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Friday Delivery

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just so you know - we will have a truck here on Friday morning, May 16th - this truck will be almost all furniture and I think some really good deals. We have actually bought two truck loads of furniture and will not know what is on this first truck on Friday until it gets here. It should be out and ready to sell, early afternoon on Friday.

Mike has worked out a deal for a large order of the small generators, for those of you that are waiting for those. We have also had a lot of phone calls for pellet rifles & pellet pistols and Mike has finally found some! As soon as I know when the generators, rifles & pistols will be delivered, I will send out an update.

We have gotten about 6+" of rain overnight and today and it just keeps coming! I hope you are all high and dry and selling lots of stuff!
See you soon! donna g

Monday, May 12, 2008


Happy Monday to you all! I hope yours is going well.
We had a meeting this morning and decided that we WILL be open on Monday,May 26th, which is Memorial Day. We have had a few phone calls and decided that we want to accomadate those of you that have a hard time getting here during our regular weekly hours. SO...if you are off work on Memorial Day, we will be open and would love to have you come shop. We are going to come up with EXTRA SPECIAL SPECIALS for that day and I will get a post out to you later to tell you what the extra specials will be.
This week we are hoping to get a couple of truckloads of furniture in. The furniture is ready for us to pick up as soon as we find a truck to transport it to us. Mike is working on a tool order and we are hopeful that order will come together sometime this week.
That is about it for today. Keep checking back for the new SPECIALS and have a great day!!
Donna g